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The red dress would almost replace the undeniable black dress! The red dress is one of the latest fashion trends in Hollywood. She does not go unnoticed, and she adds the sexy touch. Glamorous red rhymes with love, it also dresses the stars with chic and originality. Long or short version, provocative or very wise, it comes in different models to make a maximum effect. A red dress can give you a bold style or give a look that is both elegant and seductive

All silhouettes will have to try to choose a simple red dress, classic, with a nice detail. The cut should remain sober and classic. You can choose between a short red dress for the day and a long red dress for the evening.

Mặc chiếc đầm đỏ

Choose the right red dress for the occasion

The red dress, this classic feminine fashion, that we all dream of wearing but that we do not always dare to come out of the closet, is a garment that can be worn on any occasion, but that it takes indeed know how to assume.



Be stylish with your red dress

The red dress does not need many accessories, it is already a phenomenon in itself (do not try to bring more colors, it must be bright by itself).

How to dress up the red jewelry dress?

The accessories must blend smoothly: a golden or silver necklace (metal therefore neutral). The basic colors will be very beautiful on the red dress. If your dress is low-cut, opt for a nice pair of earrings and a bracelet.

Which tights to match the red dress?

Prefer navy blue or gray to black, too hard for red. Red blends beautifully with navy blue or gray if you want to add dark colors. If you want to wear black ... be fancy!

Which shoes to choose with your red dress?

For shoes, opt for colors that blend with the red dress without contradicting it: nude, camel or navy blue.

Which bag to choose with your red dress?

If your dress is made in a smooth fabric, a patterned handbag will give a trendy and fun twist to your look. However, the red is a powerful and bright color, so we recommend to opt for a small handbag, so as not to minimize the importance of your dress. For the color of the handbag: black, gold, silver or nude are perfect shades to wear with a red dress.

How to wear makeup with her red dress?

To shine in the evening with its pretty red dress, the best is to make a fresh complexion, slightly glowy (thanks to an illuminator complexion). We play the pin-up of the 50s with a nice and light line of graphic eyeliner, mascara to bring out his eyes and make up his lips with a nice red lipstick matte.

During the day, you can also play with the red mouth combo and perfect nude complexion. For a more discreet look, we forget the eyeliner and we dress the eyelashes black mascara. You can afford an even more glowy and fresh complexion for the day.