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Highlighted in the 1920s by Coco Chanel, the black dress became an evidence of the female wardrobe. Long reserved for mourning and servants, today it adapts to all circumstances and occasions: A meeting, a first meeting, a social cocktail ... The black dress is worn at all times, and she go with everything! But how to choose it? How to wear it well? We tell you everything about the black dress and its accessories!

mặc chiếc đầm đen

Choose the appropriate black dress for the occasion

To get to the office, the black dress is ideal to give you a look both professional and dynamic. Opt for a straight, fitted piece that falls just below the knee. Avoid tight fitting or too short dresses, unsuited to the professional environment. Favor simple and fluid materials like cotton or silk. This style of dress is also suitable for informal occasions or parties with friends.

For a festive evening, a date or an important event, wear a black dress that is both elegant and glamorous. Choose a piece that combines a high-waisted and worked top and a fluid skirt that hangs above the knee. For example, bet on a strapless dress or a skater dress. Do not hesitate to highlight your assets with a neckline, a bustier hidden heart, a bare back or shoulders discovered. Favor quality materials such as silk.

The black dress can also be worn everyday. Choose a comfortable material adapted to the season. You must choose it simple and fluid without too much detail.


Brighten it

Wear tights

These allow you to highlight your legs while customizing your outfit. The little black dress can be associated with an infinity of models. For a classic outfit, opt for tights to match your shoes. To liven up your dress, bet on colorful tights, textured or decorated with rhinestones.

Dark tights and match your shoes to lengthen your legs. That said, opt for transparent tights or semi-transparent so as not to weigh down your figure.

Bet on beautiful jewels

The necklaces, earrings and bracelets will allow you to transform your black dress. It will be able to suit both the office and your important parties.

Wear a necklace, it can both enhance your dress and highlight your cleavage. To attract the eye on the face, make sure of earrings such as creoles or pendants. Wear your costume jewelry to brighten up a simple black dress. The black dress is the perfect backdrop for your gold jewelry or precious stones. For an evening, take out your diamond brooch or your river of diamonds.

Black tends to mark the shadow areas of the face, so it is advisable to wear bright jewelery such as turquoise and pastel colors or "shiny" metallic tones. Pearl mother of pearl is the most appropriate color because it is very pretty complexion and therefore counterbalance the hardness of black.

Wear shoes that slice

Your shoes are an integral part of your outfit. They must therefore be chosen with care. The black dress goes with almost all styles of shoes.

Black dress, black shoes? No, it's the combination to avoid. If your dress is black, bet on slicing shoes! During the day, opt for camel sandals or white or gray sneakers. In the evening, wear it with dress shoes with a small heel: metallic tones on sandals in the summer or green boots fir or deep blue winter.

Adjust your dress with a belt

The wearing of the belt depends on the style of the dress and your morphology. The belt can emphasize a thin waist, blur some curves or shape your silhouette. Choose a colorful and textured belt to brighten your dress and draw your figure. Make sure your outfit is balanced and elegant.

Accessorise with a scarf

To add a subtle and elegant color note, you can tie a scarf. It can be plain or patterned, provided it matches the rest of your outfit and your complexion. Whatever your choice, opt for a quality scarf such as a silk square.

Choose your bag

It has become an essential fashion accessory and very popular. Associated with the black dress, it attracts attention and gives all your character to your outfit. We must avoid too big bags or black pockets. Prefer an accessory that goes with shoes or jewelry.

To get to the office or for informal occasions, opt for a colorful handbag with a perfect finish. For the everyday, a large bag worn over the shoulder is both practical and suitable for your outfit.

Do not neglect your hairstyle

It participates in your style and must be in keeping with your dress and the shape of your face. Personalize your hairstyle with hair accessories. Depending on the occasion, you can opt for a headband, a bow, a flower barrette or a golden pet. Feel free to use fancy accessories to enhance a hairy bun or braid.

If you wish, you can wear a hat. It can bring a touch of extravagance to a simple and discreet outfit. Conversely, the hat should not unbalance your outfit if it is already loaded.

Look after makeup

Make up yourself soberly. Your black dress is already embellished with various accessories, the makeup will serve to brighten your face and attract the eye on your best assets. Highlight your eyes, your mouth or the contours of your face. You can opt for a very light makeup by highlighting only your lips or your eyes.