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The white dress remains timeless today. It is fresh, sublime complexion and is very easy to wear during the day as to go out at night. The white dress will express your femininity and your personality. A refreshing and easy-to-wear color for a romantic look with a sober and classic look and a sophisticated version.

The white dress should be chosen carefully. Remember to take into account your silhouette in the choice of the latter.

Mặc chiếc đầm trắng

Choose the white dress suitable for the occasion

For a romantic and bohemian style, we will play on an aerial silhouette in a fluid and maxi long dress or the white minirobe crochet version to be completely in the hippie trend. The urban look is chic and minimalist. We will choose a graphic material and a trapezoidal shape, straight or adjusted but still structured. Wear the short dress with pumps and accessories in shades of cream for greater sobriety. On vacation, the white dress is casual, light with thin straps or tunic. It will be comfortable, fluid in appearance, crinkled linen or soft cotton and lightweight, easy to travel. For an elegant evening, the white dress will dress in a simple detail but will not go unnoticed as a bare back or a silk belt.

The white dress is timeless, it should not be too worked or embroidered because it can quickly make wedding dress ... And we do not want that! After a certain age, after 40 years, we must avoid the lace dress, too romantic, white because it makes too little girl.


Be elegant with your white dress

What underwear with his white dress?

You must also choose your underwear to go with your white dress, looking for the most suitable and ensure that they are not visible or transparent. Despite what some may believe, white is not the best fit. It is better to wear the flesh color, which is not transparent.

What shoes with her white dress?

Once again, everything happens in the choice of accessories and shoes. In order to wear the white dress, you can opt for a lot of different styles. In order to find you there, plan for the occasion first. What's great about the white dress is that it leaves a lot of potential to create and imagine a lot of different outfits. She's just going with everything!

Find shoes that fit well with your dress. White usually symbolizes purity, if you want to break with this symbolic, you can opt for red heels for example. Some people will find it too original or nonconformist but if it's the effect you're trying to create, then do not hesitate!

Shoes beige, brown or light gray will combine perfectly with your white dress.

Sandals or flip flops silver or gold will also go well with your white dress.

Do not abuse white. Avoid wearing white shoes (regardless of the type of shoes).

Which bag to choose with your white dress?

Among the essential accessories for a woman, the bag. So you have to think carefully about the bag with which you are wearing your white dress. In the same way as shoes, you need to look for the one that best suits the occasion and your look.

It is not necessary for the bag to go with the shoes, but you can play with these two accessories and give more importance to one of them. So you can choose a bag that comes out, plain or printed, or more discreet so that the eyes are on the shoes.

What fancy jewelery and scarves with her white dress?

Costume jewelry and scarves or scarves are essential to go with your white dress. Like other accessories, this choice will depend on the style of your dress and the occasion for which you will wear it as well as your preferences for a colorful and contrasted or more natural and simple look.

How to make up with his white dress?

White is synonymous with lightness. The ideal makeup to showcase her white dress should be as light as possible. Opt for a smooth foundation on your face. As for eye makeup, choose iridescent or rosé beige eyeshadows or peaches. As for the lips, the satin lipstick, which is neither too dull nor too bright, is perfect for an elegant outfit such as the white dress.