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  • 2BO


  • 3CE


    The brand 3CE or 3 concept eyes is a subsidiary brand of the famous Korean brand STYLENANDA. 3CE offers high quality makeup and make-up products!

  • A'pieu


    A'PIEU is a Korean brand of skincare and cosmetics for young women in their teens and twenties, the products are fun and cute, with a touch of childlike innocence. A'PIEU makeup is very versatile.

  • Avène


    Avène, a rich history

    Avène in the heart of a natural park

    Avène, a rich history that begins in a small village in the south of France.
    The old and picturesque village of Avène is located in the Orb valley, in the heart of the Haut Languedoc Regional Nature Park. Here, nature is everywhere and the curists spend their stay in a peaceful environment in a preserved environment. The vegetation is luxuriant and the climate perfectly balanced with a generous sunshine.
    But let us tell you the story of Avène from the beginning ...

    Avène, a beautiful story

    1736: it all begins with the healing of the Marquis de Rocozel's horse; with a tenacious pruritus, it is relieved in some bathings ...

    The soothing and anti-irritant properties of Avene Thermal Water are thus discovered.

    1743: the first curists join the valley of the Orb and the Source Sainte-Odile.
    1871: America in its turn marvels at the virtues of the Thermal Water of Avène which treats the great burned of the fire of Chicago.
    1874: The Source is declared of Public Interest.
    1990: renovation of the thermal baths. Creation of Laboratoires Dermatologiques Avène.
    1993 and 2003: extension of the Production Unit.
    2004: Expansion of the thermal baths.
    2007: creation of the Laboratoire de l'Eau on the site of Avène-Les-Bains.
    2010: Laboratoires Dermatologiques Avène confirm their position as an international leader. The thermal resort of Avène welcomes today 2600 curists per year cared for by products of excellence available in France and in nearly 100 countries ...

    Avène, beyond the borders

    It is a beautiful and true relationship of trust that is established all over the world, between the Dermatological Laboratories Avène and the consumers.
    Confidence in the dermatological virtues of Avene Thermal Water, of which all the products are enriched, but also confidence in the relevance of always innovative formulations.

    And this trust is universal, since after France where it has a strong presence in pharmacies, the brand "Eau Thermal Spa" is recognized throughout the world, from the United States (Derma Skin Corners) in Japan, China, where she became a pioneer, to be today the leader in sales of cosmetics in pharmacy ...

  • Banobagi


    Banobagi is a Korean beauty brand.

  • Bath & Body works
  • BbiA
  • Bourjois


    Bourjois is a French make-up brand based in Paris, created in 1863. Bourjois sells perfumes, make-up, cosmetics and belongs to Coty since April 2, 2015.

  • Cetaphil


    Cetaphil is a line of skincare products from Galderma Laboratories (Switzerland), including cleansers, bar soap, cream, lotion and moisturizers.

    The brand manufactures products for people with sensitive, dry or acne-prone skin as an alternative to more severe types of soap.

    Cetaphil is widely used and known for its line of fragrance-free lotion and moisturizers. It is oil-free and can be applied to all skin types because of its simplicity and the accumulation of non-aggressive chemicals.

  • Chöuchöu


    Chöuchöu is a brand of Korean lipstick.
    "CHOUCHOU" means "special person" in French.

    Signature Premier Matt Rouge is a low-viscosity, light-weight oil that delicately adheres to your lips and gives your face a smooth, lush appearance.

    A unique lipstick for you, with different colors and expressions, complements your beauty.

  • ChuLipstick


    ChuLipstick is a brand of Vietnamese lipstick created in 2017.

  • Coast


    Coast is an American brand of shower gel for men.

  • Cottage Cosmetics | Violet Fashion Shop

    Cottage Cosmetics | Violet Fashion Shop

    Cottage is a French brand. His promise: savor the delights of nature while taking care of his body, thanks to a wide range of hygiene and care products.

    In search of the perfect balance between care and pleasure, Cottage offers a unique sensory experience with high quality formulas and creamy textures that are systematically enriched with natural extracts and moisturizing agents. His perfumes? Authentic and daring treasure treats that faithfully reproduce the flavors of nature for unparalleled pleasure.

    Through its inimitable bottle that makes it so different, 1001 colors or playing transparency, Cottage invites you to discover a sweet nature that awakens the senses, a timeless paradise accessible to all the family.

  • Dionel


    Dionel is a Korean cosmetics brand.

  • Eglips
  • Evoluderm


    Evoluderm is a pretty Parisian brand! Always listening to the latest news and trends in hygiene and beauty, this French and family brand created in 2004 is bubbling with energy, joie de vivre and ambition. The ambition to create quality products always better meets the desires of its consumers. The ambition to promote "Made in France" internationally with a presence on 4 continents, in more than 60 countries. The ambition to position itself at the fairest price to be accessible to all.

  • Garnier


    Garnier is an international brand of hair care and skin care created in 1904, owned by L'Oréal Group since 1965. With products formulated to meet the needs of women around the world, it offers innovative care solutions and affordable.

  • Holika Holika

    Holika Holika

    Holika Holika is a Korean cosmetics brand created in 2010.
    Holika Holika products are characterized by a unique and eye-catching packaging that will appeal to young consumers, men and women, concerned about their style. This brand offers affordable prices on high quality products made with the finest ingredients.
    Holika Holika's vision is to provide practical and fun cosmetics to enhance the natural beauty of every woman. Holika Holika gives you happy moments when shopping. The products aim to bring you a fun experience with surprising and wonderful results.

  • Innisfree


    Innisfree is a naturalism-oriented cosmetics brand created in 2000. Innisfree was launched by the largest skincare and cosmetics company in South Korea, Amore Pacific in 2002.
    It is a naturalistic brand that practices an eco-friendly green lifestyle to protect its health.

    Innisfree is known to be the first all-natural brand in South Korea. The company's products range from make-up to skin care products for women and men.

  • Janssen


    Founded in 1953, in Beese, Belgium by a doctor, Janssen finds success after the discovery of several molecules.

  • Karadium


    KARADIUM is a Korean professional makeup brand that leads the trend and studies cosmetics that modern women want. Simple design that every woman wants to have. Makeup products that help everyone to make up easily.

  • Klirvin


    Klirvin was founded in 2010, today in Russia as a company exclusively specialized in the production of cosmetics and hygiene products.

    Her skin care cream has been gaining popularity in Russia for a long time. Originally, this product was imported from India, and one of its unique features was the composition.

    The principle of Ayurveda is the integrity and harmony of man and nature. One of the main postulates of this system of folk medicine is: "There is nothing out of the reach of nature". Traditionally, natural plant components have been used as the main active substances in Ayurveda, whose effectiveness was verified 3,000 years ago.

  • L'Oréal Paris

    L'Oréal Paris

    L'Oréal Paris is the world's leading beauty brand in mass retail, offering the best of innovation to the greatest number. His heroes with both strong and charismatic personality embody a certain vision of the beauty curriculum vitae in the legendary signature: "Because you are worth it."

  • L.A. Girl
  • La roche posay

    La roche posay

    La Roche-Posay is committed to making dermatological skin care accessible to those who need it, by partnering with dermatologists from the development to the recommendation of our skin care products. The brand are committed to offering highly effective products that can be tolerated by even sensitive skin to improve the quality of life of anyone with skin concerns, from acne to aging, and to help spread the word on sun safety through high quality sunscreen.

  • Laneige


    Beyond clear, radiant, and glowing skin, we also seek to unleash that dazzling charm within you.

    LANEIGE’s definition of beauty has evolved once again to allow you to flaunt your beauty with even greater confidence, to allow that dazzling charm of yours to shine through even brighter than before.

    LANEIGE’s WATER possesses outstanding capability. Transforming water, the source of life, into dynamic moisture energy — LANEIGE is the key to clear, supple skin. Be it bright and radiant or lively and energetic, we seek to give beautiful transformation not only to your skin but also to your life.

    Beauty that glows more radiantly than before, smiles that look livelier than before — live your life more confidently than before. LANEIGE's Sparkling Beauty continues to move forward, adding a sparkle to the lives of women around the world.

  • Maybelline


    Maybelline New York established in 1913, the United States combines cutting-edge expertise and technologically advanced formulas to create accessible and effective cosmetics

  • Maycreate


    Maycreate is a cosmetics brand with a wide range of make-up!

  • Mistine


    The brand Mistine (Thailand) was created in 1988 with the desire to produce quality cosmetics for the Thai market. More than 6000 Mistine products: Body care, personal care, makeup, perfume and skin care.

  • Moart
  • Nivea


    Nivea is a brand of German care products created in 1911.

    Nivea is present on many categories:

         facial care
         body care
         shower bath
         hair care
         care for men
         baby care

  • Odbo


    Founded in 2002, The odbo offers a wide range of cosmetics, created under the corporate philosophy of “Only we can make your dream come true, for you to become beautiful is our obligation.”

  • OGX


    OGX Beauty is specialized in hair care!
    This American brand markets including Biotin & Collage, a reference among shampoo and conditioner.

  • Olay


    Olay was created in 1952 by South African chemist Graham Wulff, the first product was "Rose" Beauty Fluid inspired by his wife and other women who want deep hydration without the big thick creams of the day.

  • Pantene


    Discover all Garnier beauty products: sun care, skin care, body care, hair coloring, hair care, and discover information and advice on products.

  • Peripera
  • Revlon


    Revlon is a company and American brand of cosmetics and perfumes created in 1932. The idea of ​​coordinating the colors of the varnishes and those of the lipsticks is also born during the year 1940. In 1950, the colors of the varnishes are, this time, matching the American fashion collections. In 1960, Revlon entered the international market.

  • Shiseido


    Beauty from the beginning

    For over 140 years, Shiseido has defined the concept of beauty and spread its knowledge and power onto the world. Heralding an army of devoted followers, we feel that by inspiring empathy, beauty can become a positive force in the world, and guide the next generation boldly into the future.

    We love to find beauty and share it. We believe that beauty goes deeper than what is visible to the eye-beauty is sensitive to nature, the climate, light and color, all five senses, and the many intricate details of life itself.

    We find beauty all over the world; We find beauty through R&D. We find beauty in science and art. We find beauty in the relationships we have, in the products we make and in how we engage with the world.

    At Shiseido, beauty is not an image, it is a feeling and when it is shared, we imagine a world that is, quite simply put, better. We appreciate beauty in diversity and throughout all of humankind. We realize there is still unpleasantness to be found, so we see beauty as an antidote, a place to retreat, a feeling worth sharing – we believe beauty is the unifying source. Shiseido. Sharing beauty since 1872.

  • Sivanna Colors

    Sivanna Colors

    Hong Fa international Co.,Ltd was established in Thailand in 1994. We cooperated with SIVANNA, the cosmetic company from France, who wants to improve the market in Asia in the name of Hong Fa. We have made and improved our cosmetics products from SIVANNA’s customer base. “A good quality must come with a proper price“ is our policy in running this business. We are very popular in the wholesale market in Thailand. Hong Fa has presented various kinds of cosmetic products to cosmetic market and was the first company that imported the cosmetic products that were guaranteed by Food and Drug Administration (อย.). Hong Fa registered its trademark in the name of MOLLY MINX, LOLA, DORA, KAKA, and VOVII brand, and started presenting its products since 2001

  • Smile25


    Founded in Korea in 2003, THE FACE SHOP has since its beginnings revolutionized the world of cosmetics by putting nature at the service of beauty. Korean beauty rituals are recognized throughout the world as being among the most complete and effective. Leader in the cosmetics market in Korea, THE FACE SHOP is one of the fastest-growing brands.

  • TheSkinFace
  • Vacosi


    The brand is Vietnamese but the products are made in Korea.

    VACOSI always knows how to make a difference, constantly improving its collection to meet the needs of modern customers.

    The VACOSI Natural family has good quality products at medium prices. VACOSI Natural is a leader in the Vietnam market since 2012.
    VACOSI Professional is a range of professional products.

  • Vaseline


    Skin care since 1870.

    With more than 140 years of skin research, Vaseline is proud to be the expert in skin care because of the ability to understand the structure and function of the skin, as well as the desire to offer a variety of skin care
    Vaseline's journey began in 1859, when Robert A. Chesebrough accidentally discovered an active ingredient in oil that could help heal wounds.
    In 1870, Chesebrough introduced the first line of Vaseline products.
    Over the next 10 years, Vaseline has become so popular that every family in the United States has at least one product.
    Shortly after, Vaseline moved quickly to Europe, Canada and Africa.
    Vaseline skin care products are available in more than 60 countries worldwide, including Vietnam

  • Wet n Wild

    Wet n Wild

    Wet N Wild is an American cosmetics brand. Discover Megalast Liquid Catsuit makeup ranges, Wet n wild matte lipstick ...