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Avène, a rich history

Avène in the heart of a natural park

Avène, a rich history that begins in a small village in the south of France.
The old and picturesque village of Avène is located in the Orb valley, in the heart of the Haut Languedoc Regional Nature Park. Here, nature is everywhere and the curists spend their stay in a peaceful environment in a preserved environment. The vegetation is luxuriant and the climate perfectly balanced with a generous sunshine.
But let us tell you the story of Avène from the beginning ...

Avène, a beautiful story

1736: it all begins with the healing of the Marquis de Rocozel's horse; with a tenacious pruritus, it is relieved in some bathings ...

The soothing and anti-irritant properties of Avene Thermal Water are thus discovered.

1743: the first curists join the valley of the Orb and the Source Sainte-Odile.
1871: America in its turn marvels at the virtues of the Thermal Water of Avène which treats the great burned of the fire of Chicago.
1874: The Source is declared of Public Interest.
1990: renovation of the thermal baths. Creation of Laboratoires Dermatologiques Avène.
1993 and 2003: extension of the Production Unit.
2004: Expansion of the thermal baths.
2007: creation of the Laboratoire de l'Eau on the site of Avène-Les-Bains.
2010: Laboratoires Dermatologiques Avène confirm their position as an international leader. The thermal resort of Avène welcomes today 2600 curists per year cared for by products of excellence available in France and in nearly 100 countries ...

Avène, beyond the borders

It is a beautiful and true relationship of trust that is established all over the world, between the Dermatological Laboratories Avène and the consumers.
Confidence in the dermatological virtues of Avene Thermal Water, of which all the products are enriched, but also confidence in the relevance of always innovative formulations.

And this trust is universal, since after France where it has a strong presence in pharmacies, the brand "Eau Thermal Spa" is recognized throughout the world, from the United States (Derma Skin Corners) in Japan, China, where she became a pioneer, to be today the leader in sales of cosmetics in pharmacy ...

Avene thermal water, a natural active ingredient

With a unique and invariable composition, the Aven Thermal Spring water gushes at the rate of 70000 liters per hour.
After a long journey of more than 40 years, Avene Thermal Water emerges clear and pure, to be captured and transported to the production unit where the care products of the Avène Dermatological Laboratories are born. And towards Thermal baths where sensitive, intolerant, atopic or psoriatic skins are taken care of.

Although Avène Thermal Spring Water has not yet revealed all its secrets, the research carried out for more than thirty years by the Laboratoires Dermatologiques Avène, within the Pierre Fabre group, as well as numerous pharmacological clinics provide the essential insight.
Soothing, anti-irritant and softening by nature, Avène Thermal Spring Water is rich in active ingredients particularly suitable for the most sensitive skin.

Low mineralization: dry residue 266 mg / liter.
Calcium and magnesium bicarbonate profile.
Calcium / magnesium ratio equal to 2.
Rich in silicates: 10.6 mg / liter.
Great richness in trace elements.
pH neutral: 7.5.

The bacteriological quality of Avene Thermal Water is rigorously controlled.

Avene Thermal Water, the heart of all treatments

The Avène dermatological laboratories design formulas and develop innovative techniques to bring calm and softness to the most sensitive skins.

1996: Extreme tolerance, a revolution. The first rigorously sterile cosmetic product is made from a minimum number of pure components assembled in a class A environment (the highest level of technological requirement).
2010: the patent D.E.F.I. (Exclusive Formula Intact) This patent rewards the development of a new tube closure system that provides complete protection. The product remains sterile for the duration of its use. Without any preservative and whatever the volume of the tube ...

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